Thursday, April 2, 2009

What you need to know about dot.Tel domains.

Dot.Tel is a significant change in the way people and companies will be found on the internet. It will be equivalent to having a virtual business card. Like most people, I didn't get it at first. Why have another website to store your info?

First, it's not a website - it's just a place on the web where people can find you simply by typing your name or company. Second, it's always up-to-date - because it's not a website and there's only one copy of your info. Still confused?

When you want to find a phone number for someone at a company using the internet, you need to google the company, then try to find the person. Or try to find a department using the White Pages - with a large company it's a daunting task.

Instead, just type and you get all the information about the company called "KProbe". All the information you need shows up in a consistent manner and in only one place. If you have a mobile device, just clicking the phone number starts the call.

If you still don't get it, you've got to watch this creatively funny video. It's a bit long but the punch line at the end is well worth the time.

Dot.Tel now has the chance of replacing those clunky and thick paper phone books. Everything and everyone can be found on-line in an easy-to-use, easy-to-find format. When you want something like footwear, you'll type and off you go.

Creating a dot.Tel is very easy using a control panel and you can get a for as low as $9.00 at Incidentally, dot.Tel was activated on the 133rd anniversary of the first use of the telephone.

As for myself, I've registered the following domains, some as directories, some as search helpers, some for new on-line businesses: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Play Twitter games with tweets at
Create conversation-starting name tags for your next meeting. A name tag should be informative and describe what you do or your interests, not just have your name. More ideas and free printing at

Twitter-Tweeted Never-Ending Stories and Poets

At, you can create never-ending poems and stories with your friends - one line at a time at - so that you never know how they will turn out! Twitter will tweet you when it is your turn to add the next line.

Here's an example:

The Power of One

One SONG can spark a moment
One FLOWER can wake the dream
One TREE can start a forest
One BIRD can herald spring
One SMILE begins a friendship
One HANDCLASP lifts a soul
One STAR can guide a ship at sea
One WORD can frame the goal
One VOTE can change a nation
One SUNBEAM lights a room
One CANDLE wipes out darkness
H will conquer gloom
One STEP must start each journey
One WORD must start a prayer
One HOPE will raise our spirits
One TOUCH can show you care
One VOICE can speak with wisdom
One HEART can know what is true
One LIFE can make a difference
One KISS can seal a friendship
One DRINK can ruin a life
One DREAM can render hope
One BREATH can take in life
One HAND ca
n welcome a friend
One STROKE can start an artwork

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sticky Notes for Websites

Sticky Notes for your website provides you with a different way of letting your visitors interact with you, and you with your visitors. One line of script code gives your website a free sticky note section from

Use it to post updates and information without needing a web programmer to make changes. Use it as a colorful addition to your blog.

Choose one of several backgrounds like chalkboard, cork, industrial or use your own image.

Every time a new note is added, you get an email so you can respond immediately. A built-in filter screens inappropriate notes.

Manage your notes via the sticky management interface.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tweet Quiz

Tweet Quiz is a first of its kind game at Twitter. It was created to engage fellow twitterers with never-ending challenges provided through periodic tweets. Each quiz pertains to a specific category or topic, for example "What you might find on a bus". As the game progresses, it tweets its followers with a succession of clues to the hidden words and phrases. By matching the items, players gain points. Players tweet their answers back and if correct get a bonus clue back through Direct Message (DM).

Each game last 12 hours and a new quiz starts automatically, hence Tweet Quiz is never-ending.

The quiz can also be played on-line at, where players go to view all of their completed answers. Prior quizzes are available for viewing so that people can see what they've missed.

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