Sunday, January 18, 2009

Break the Ice with Custom Name Tags

You've been there before: a new meeting or conference. You don't really know anyone and need an ice breaker. You have that standard paper name tag stuck onto your shirt or blouse, but that didn't get you too far.

Try this for a change. Instead of the usual "Hello my name is ... ROBIN" name tag, make yourself a walking conversation starter with a custom name tag like
  • "I'm Sharon. I really dig diamonds" (mining convention)
  • "Invest with me ... Dennis " (venture capitalist)
  • "Harry says Hello. I sell kayaks" (sports trade show)
  • "Hi, I am Giles. Come jump with me" (sky diving instructor)
  • "I'm LOST and looking for Derek"
  • "I'm Sandy. I'm a Veteran".
Get the idea? By revealing something personal or business-specific, even being funny, you will have an opening for someone else to start that (sometimes awkward) conversation.

Photoshop is one way to make name tags, but most of us don't have this tool.

One site for custom tag making is where you can create that unique name tag and even get ideas on what other people have used to break the ice. You can either draw your name in special effects like 3-D or neon or create tags dynamically, choosing fonts and colors.

The site also lets you customize and print blank name tags in bulk as well as making your own signs.

Save money - it's all available for free.

Mark Kolb
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